Bridging The Gap

I really need a magic wand now! Chris said to himself.


He was not able to forget the moment when he locked up eyes with a stranger in sportsDirect, she looked at him and something happened to him. The heart said yes to whatever was happening. He smiled and she smiled back. He could just say Hello, and she said hello in return. End of story. She moved to next bay. He wanted to continue the conversation, but what could he talk to a stranger and he could look like a nerd. He did not want to follow her up, but he felt as if he is losing something precious.


He bought his new golf stick and came back home.


His mind still lingered in sportDirect, hoping that he will have another encounter with the girl. He kept planning about what would he say when he sees the girl again. It was a remotest possibility to see the same girl again in a huge city like London, but he did not want to lose hope.


He never believed in magical things, but this time he wanted something really to happen. He prayed.


It was just a few seconds encounter, but his eyes had captured almost everything about her. She was beautiful, a little more than 5 feet ,wore a black T and a 3/4th blue denim. A pair of black ankle boots perfectly matched her slender legs. Her brown sparkling hair wore a statement of her style and self love, the top-heavy red lips made her look very bold and sexy.


How to search that stranger yet a little known girl now? Hope she does not have a boyfriend, he laughed to himself.


Few days passed, his memory faded and so does his hopes to see her again.


Harry, his childhood friend was visiting London after almost 5 years. Both met at Country Bar and Grill, nearby his house. After some trivial talks, the boys and men topics were at the table, off course about the girls. Harry used Confident dating app and was in a relationship with girl. He enjoyed the app experience and suggested that Chris tries it too. Chris had never used any dating apps and thought such apps are not for him. But talking to Harry, made him think about it. He just thought of trying it for the first time.


He downloaded and installed the app, the registration process pretty simple. The user interface looked decent and easy to use too. The app developers claimed to have 99% genuine profiles. The app was free but with some limited features. He thought of trying some premium features to see if he gets lucky and finds a match. After buying a 3 month subscription, he did get a few likes from girls, but he was not happy with the profiles. He just kept swiping left.


It was a bright Sunday morning and he was still in the bed even though it was nearly 8. He took his phone and saw a notification from Confident, the dating app. It said, You have received a like from Emma. Who’s this now?

Let me check her profile. The profile picture looked familiar and he exclaimed!! What?? Oh! Boy! He could not believe his eyes. The mysterious girl was here. The girl from SportDirect. The girl for whom he had prayed to see again.


Looks like she remembers me, he thought.


He liked her back and messaged, Hey Hi!. He was excited!! Unbelievable had happened. The Magic that he had expected had happened.


He typed further in the chat window, you remember we had met at SportsDirect?, Central London. I am not sure about you, but I do remember you.  It’s a pleasant surprise to see you here. Let us catch up! Do reply. Every word he typed conveyed his eagerness to see her.


He waited for her reply anxiously.


She replied after a while and agreed to meet once again. A cup of coffee.


A story had started again. The gap was filled and unexpected had happened. Digital dating and technology had made this happen.


Connecting many more such singles and bridging the gap between wanting minds, Confident Studio is here to help you find your perfect match.


Bridging the gap