An honest smile is a perfect ice breaker

If we are seeing someone face to face, we could smile or wave as ice breakers, however, we are in a virtual world now, and we don’t have an option of facial expressions. We must rely on our creative text/messages to get going.


Statement in the poster below!! How does it sound? Something different? Makes you smile?



That’s what should happen when you send a text or a message to someone you are interested to talk to or meet. The goal is to appear as a interesting personality on your dating venture. You should sound funny but not offensive. The ice breaking line should make other person talk rather than just reply Hi or what’s up? Be honest and a little creative. Nobody would like to date a person who’s not interesting and funny. 


Here are some pointers from Team confident to get you started.


  1. Look at the pictures and see if you can find something interesting, it can be anything, like eyes, hairstyle, any tattoo, ear rings , sun glasses, clothes.. anything. Try to compliment and ask more about it.
  2. Study bio, you could ask things based on it. Compliments work best. People are generally impressed when other person talk about their hobbies and interests.
  3. If you are in the same city and you found you went to the same college for example. Talk about it. You could ask if he/she knows a funny personality from the college. Or may be talk about anything that was distinguished. 
  4. If something in the bio looks unclear you could ask, try to be a bit funny. You shouldn’t sound very straight. 
  5. Sometimes being honest and straight works. So, try that too.
  6. Looking at the bio and pics you could guess the type of person. Come up with something that may interest them.
  7. You may send a chat over coffee invite.



You’ve managed to kick start the conversation, what next? can you keep the other person interested and engaged in talks? If not, you’ll lose the game. How to keep them engaged when you meet? 


  1. Thumb rule, if you can make people laugh, they won’t forget you.
  2. Let him/her speak and try to understand what they like/dislike.
  3. Listen actively, you’ll get clues and hints to talk about.
  4. When you talk, pick up a topic that’s funny. May be something that happened to you when you were on a tour. 
  5. Talking about incidents works best to continue conversation.
  6. If you share profession, you can talk about it.
  7. Try to avoid negative tone.
  8. Talk about the food and drink and place of your meeting.
  9. You’ll be able to talk about your hobby and related fun at length. 
  10. Finally, ask  him/her what he/she would like to do next.


Do let us know if these helped.

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