Safety & Tips

Safety and Tips


Remember our goal is to make sure you get a genuine and safe match.

Our safety approach

⦁ Every user is verified using mobile OTP.
⦁ We use SSL as our data transfer mechanism which promises the highest security.
⦁ Our unique coding algorithms detect fake and fraudulent profiles and block them.
⦁ All users can report if other users are offensive or use foul language. We take appropriate action on such profiles.


App usage guidelines

⦁ Do not share personal details like DOB, place of birth, mother’s maiden name…etc. This info can easily be used to hack your accounts.
⦁ No need to give mobile number unless you are convinced that it is genuine guy/girl and you plan for a date.
⦁ Do not post photos which will reveal your personal details like your car’s number plate, house number, street name.
⦁ Meet in public for the first few fates.
⦁ Always pick the place instead of letting another person to choose.
⦁ Tell your friends about the date and the plan, so that you can reach out to them if needed.
⦁ Watch out your alcohol when on a date. If you don’t drink, no need to show off and drink. Be honest for your safety.
⦁ Girls/Women, carry pepper spray when on a date. You may need it.
⦁ If you tell someone you’re not interested, never take their calls or emails again. 
⦁ If you find any offensive and abusive language by anyone, do use our Report/Block feature.
⦁ If you agree to share the bed, use birth control measures and be wary of STDs. You may be sleeping with a serial dater.
⦁ Finally, do suggest if any other safety guidelines must be added to the list.


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