Be confident and Positive

It doesn’t matter how you look, if you are confident, you are attractive and sexy. 


At confident we believe that,confidence is the only trait in your personality, that can make you a star in any situation or place. Dating is not a joke, you need to be confident and come as a positive human being to impress your would be match.


So, are you confident? Do you believe in yourself?

One of the very common mistakes people make is that they compare themselves with others and be like them, copy their behaviour or style. Remember you’ll always feel positive and energetic in your own skin. Never try to be someone else.


Laugh like a mad and cry like a baby, express yourself.


Any tips Confident team wants to give all singles out there? yes, we do.


While web is filled with a lot of content to boost your confidence, we would specifically want to stress few points from dating point of view.


1. Your profile description should explain you as a person, your habbits, your talents, your hobbies, any special trait are recognized with e.g. if you are a music lover or a fitness freak.

2. You should also mention your likes/dislikes if any

3. Say clearly what you are looking from the dating, do you expect a casual or long term relationship.

4. Once connected, Introduce yourself clearly.

5. Read through others profile and interact based on others interests. That would increase your compatibility level with them.